How many candles is that???

Often Chip and I watch Nick at Night. The other night we saw the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Aunt Viv turns 40, and her birthday cake causes the sprinklers to go off at the banquet hall (ha ha ha).

Recently we’ve discovered some other news in aging. NASA’s WMAP has been examining the universe, and thanks to Bad Astronomy putting things in plain old English, we now know (or as much as we can know these things) that the universe is 13.73 billion (13,730,000,000) years old (give or take 120 million years and really, what’s 100 million years give or take??).

All in all, I think I can make it the next 39 days of the tax season.

The Ballad of Carl Martin
Steve Goodman

Now I asked Carl once how he got the fire.
He said, ‘Boy, you’ve got to understand,
If you want to be someone, you’ve gotta have some fun,
So you better get it while you can.’


You better get it while you can,
You better get it while you can.
If you wait too long, it’ll all be gone
And you’ll be sorry then.
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor,
It’s the same for a woman or a man.
From the cradle to the crypt
It’s a mighty short trip,
So you better get it while you can.


One response to “How many candles is that???

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