Some of you may appreciate this

I had a rather …….. interesting dream last night.

I was traveling on the campaign trail along with Bill’s entourage.  *NOT* Hillary’s, not Chelsea’s, but BILL’S.  And I don’t mean traveling along behind but pretty much “hand in hand” with Bill.  At some point it time I was walking along for a very long (like between towns long – and not between subway stops long) time with both Bill and Hillary and they were both in disguise (I believe part of San Antonio’s Riverwalk was on our trail).  When we got wherever we were going we hooked up with the secret service (so somehow Bill and Hillary are out wandering around the middle of the country with NO secret service??? – what’s that about).  Bill and I were getting the elevator with some secret service guys and the two secret guys entered the elevator first with Bill following and I wondered why they didn’t go SS guy / Bill / SS guy, and realized that since I was following Bill I might end up taking a shot in the back.  I separated from the couple to go wander around the hotel by myself and when I came back I needed to give the secret service agent my birthdate as a password.  For some reason I didn’t get a hotel room so I had to stay in the Clinton’s suite.  The had a room and then the outer room had beds around in a circle (dorm style) with various people in the entourage and secret service in pull out type beds.

As I said – I was traveling hand in hand with Bill — but not in “THAT” way (as I tried very hard to explain to the food service guy at the hotel).

I’m not sure what it means — but the next time I have a few hundred stray dollars running around I’ll be sure to hook up with a therapist :}.


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