Havana Daydreamin’

I’ve got my summer vacation plans all set.

I’m going to park my car just outside One Particular Harbor, then I’m going to take a Slow Boat to China.  I certainly need some Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude, and it will be a Lovely Cruise while I drink some Boat Drinks.  Though I don’t think I’ll stop for a Cheeseburger In Paradise* on the way.  I’ll be with my Brown Eyed Boy, and I’ll be Incommunicado the entire time.  I wonder if I’ll find some Nautical Wheelers to dance with?  I wonder if Frank and Lola will be there?  While we might see some Elvis Imitators, I doubt any will have a Pencil Thin Mustache (the Boston Blackie kind).  I’m hoping that we can visit the Coast of Marseilles, (which, relatively speaking, is not all that far from My African Friend) and maybe I can have the ship Take me Back to Jamaica.

Since I’m not taking Little Miss Magic with me, actually I’ll leave both my Barefoot Children home, I’ll want to get back at some point in time.  When I return I’ll send out a Coconut Telegraph of how we saw Stars Fell on Alabama, and how He Went to Paris while on the cruise.  So on a Thursday night in July, If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me.  I sure hope it’s a Ragtop Day, because if a Volcano blows (unlikely in Illinois) or if we end up Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season (also unlikely in Illinois), there’s no Money Back Guarantee.  And mind you — the only way to afford all this is to do a Great Fillin Station Holdup.

All in all, quite a lot of travel to fit in, and I might get hungry. I wonder if I can find a Dreamsicle.  Or maybe I’ll just settle for the Last Mango in Paris.

*Even though, geographically, the restaurant Cheeseburger in Paradise *IS* on the way but I’m thinking it might be a little crowded that night — YA THINK.

(Well — yeah as so far my summer plans seem to include driving my kids all over creation, and a long weekend “family reunion” with Spouse’s mom’s side – I might as well enjoy one big MOM night out.)

One question — how do two $36 tickets end up being $100 — the math at Ticketmaster never seems to make much sense to me.


3 responses to “Havana Daydreamin’

  1. Ooh – I have a pair of lovely pink flamingo earrings for just such an occasion. Purchased to wear the last time I had a similar night out. Just watch out for those Fruitcakes.

  2. tpgoddess,

    Fruitcakes??? Didn’t you know, we are the people our parents warned us about (you and me both girlfriend).

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