Cause the picture is cute

First, let’s face facts. This picture from is cute. I always say kitteh make me LOL.  Second, after you look at the picture I’ll give you some thoughts for an upcoming holiday.

Humorous Pictures

See, every year about this time many people in the world celebrate Easter.  Easter is a bit like Christmas, where there’s two different versions — the “religious” version where we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and the “generic” version where we celebrate important rights of spring like colored eggs, peeps, and chocolate bunnies (ramblingmom likes chocolate bunnies).

Last year, I wrote a little something about Easter and bunnies.  I like to think that I have a few new readers , and I also like to think that some things bear repeating.  So if you will allow me to repeat myself

THIS is a good example of an Easter Bunny (my daughter would love it)

THIS is another good example of an Easter Bunny

Personally, I prefer choice #2, as choice #1 will likely be eaten by the dog, and choice #2 will likely be eaten by Rambling-mom.

THIS is a house pet (I picked that because it looks just like my Tools). It could live for up to 10 years. As a former child (some people would disagree with the use of the word “former”) and as a mom, I can assure you that no matter how much the kids tell you “please, we promise we’ll take care of it,” they won’t. Three weeks before Easter, ask the owner at any pet store where they $ell rabbit$ what they think of giving someone baby bunnie$ for Ea$ter and they will $ing the joy$ of rabbit owner$hip. (And actually, if you check out the House Rabbit Society website you can find some wonderful things about owning a rabbit). Three – Four weeks AFTER Easter, ask the rescue workers at any animal shelter or Rabbit Rescue society what they think about live Easter Rabbits and they’ll tell you a different story. They’ll tell a story of abandonment and neglect.  (Same goes with chicks)

Now I’m not saying don’t go out and get a rabbit. I’m just saying think about it, are you in it for 10 weeks???? Or 10 YEARS. ME, I’m in it for 10 minutes — make mine chocolate.

OH — and since Crem doesn’t much like chocolate, and has no use for rabbits as pets, and since his dogs Fuzz(forbrains) and Bear would destroy a stuffed rabbit in less than 5 minutes I’ve included a picture of an Easter Bunny just for him. Yeah he wouldn’t mind finding that in a basket under the bushes.


2 responses to “Cause the picture is cute

  1. Same thing happens every time a kid’s movie comes out that stars animals — think 101 Dalmations. Those dogs are terrible with kids and many families found that out the hard way. With the recent trend in movies thank goodness it is illegal to own a penguin!

  2. What a great post! That’s it, you are officially on my blogroll now.

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