Here is the church, here is the steeple

Remember that old finger game,

This is the church
This is the steeple
Open the door
See all the people.

I did the following things last night.

  1. Knitted for a while, with the knitting group
  2. Went to auditions and read the part of Martha in Arsenic and Old Lace
  3. More knitting (back at knitting group)
  4. Bought a dozen farm fresh eggs, and
  5. Recycled some used egg cartons

This was yesterday, during a heavy snowfall.  But no matter, there was only one flight of stairs involved.

Now, lots of people knit.  Lots of people go to theatrical auditions, and lots of people buy farm fresh eggs.  But I don’t think many people have “one stop shopping” for all of the above.

At my church there’s a prayer shawl ministry/knitting group (for instance, last night I was not knitting a prayer shawl — nor was I knitting any of the myriad of other things produced by my knitting group – like baby sweaters or things to sell at the craft fair — I was just knitting something for a friend that’s having a baby — but enjoying the camaraderie of  fellow knitters.

Our church also hosts a theater group – there are many members of our church involved in the theater group — but there are also quite a few other people from the community that are involved (and there are a number of people that started off with the theater group that are now involved in other areas in our congregation).   NOTE — I stated that I read the part of Martha I didn’t read for the part of Martha.  I just wandered up to see what was going on with auditions and since there was only one other female there that night — and since Abby and Martha are in EVERY scene, I was conveniently located to help out.  I made it very clear that I was not interested in being in the spring show I’m hoping to do lights (I can wear black, I can read scripts, and I can push buttons – I’m totally qualified).

It wasn’t until I got home (with the eggs, thankfully, UNscrambled, I’d taken a spill earlier last night on a slippery driveway and was hoping that I wouldn’t fall once I had the eggs) that I realized that not many people would do all those things the same night — much less in the same place.

Sometimes I think that spiritually I fall more in line with Unitarian Universalists or  a Unity church, but isn’t inertia a law??


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