Xin Nian Kuai Le

It’s the end of the celebration of the Lunar New Year. I wanted to wish all the rats out there a very happy new year. (That means ll the August 96 kids)

My family recently attended the Sunny Ridge Family Center Chinese New Year celebration. They had a program (which, alas, I can’t find at the moment) which listed some of the attributes of the rat.

So I’m reading along with the program about the rat (my first born) and it said that the rat can accomplish a great deal of things in a short period of time (or something like that). To which I added an aside (that I think most of the august96 moms can relate to)

Which is a good thing — cause they tend to put things off until the last minute.

Back in the day — when I was pregnant with Chip, I gave him a nickname (many people nickname their fetuses — why I have no clue). At the time I could only think of two rats – Ben (which Michael Jackson sang a song about) and Templeton (from Charlotte’s Web). So I went with Templeton – he seemed a much more interesting character.

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord smorgasbord
after the lights are down


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