{head/desk} {head/desk} {head/desk}

This symbol is the kanji symbol for balance. I think I need to study this symbol more, because I have none.

Today I was straightening out some file drawers. I have a two-drawer file next to my desk. I was taking things out of the top drawer and putting them in the bottom. You know what happens when you have a two drawer file, and you have two drawers open at once.


When we moved to a new office this fall, my mover (a/k/a Spouse) put some of the drawers in wrong (so they are not in alphabetical order). I was telling my spouse that he needs to come in and move the drawers around.

Cause if I’m in charge, I’ll be opening three drawers of a four drawer filing cabinet, and I’m sure it won’t be pretty.

Did I mention that not once but TWICE I tried to have both drawers open at once.


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