I don’t know nothing about no pillow

tpgoddess has cats — one of which has been known to wreak havoc, as is detailed here and here.

Little pets, little messes, big pets, big messes.  See this is what happens when you get about what 130 or pounds of dog (two dogs) that have issues distinguishing between a dog toy and a sofa cushion.



See – two dogs, one sofa, one sofa pillow, and a whole bunch of fluff all over the floor.

My buddy Crem, has the time and money and interest in putting in a webcam at his home so that he can watch his dogs when the mood strikes.  I sometimes watch them when I get bored, cause it’s a REALLY FUN show to watch.

Let’s take today for instance, I was watching the dogs do a repeat performance of whatever caused the floor to get in the above state.  (Oh — and did I mention that Crem doesn’t exactly have the highest fashion standards in home furnishings??  Good thing eh)


2 responses to “I don’t know nothing about no pillow

  1. That makes me feel a lot better! At least my pile of toilet paper only took a minute to clean up 🙂

  2. And a roll of toilet paper is cheaper than a new sofa pillow.

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