FAILED!!!! (another happy tail)

You may remember my friend, Crem, who has done some fostering for dogs. His neighbor is actually involved in animal rescue, he has done some “overflow” fostering. One dog he fostered nicknamed Licorice found a wonderful family as detailed in this post. Another dog, Belle, also found a home as detailed here. Great dogs that found wonderful homes.

A few weeks ago, the local animal rescue got a call from a shelter in southern Indiana. There was a fabulous dog that was not getting adopted out. I guess with shelter workers every now and then they find a dog that really touches their heart, that they feel a need to work extra hard to find a home for. So she call Crem’s neighbor, and Crem’s neighbor forwarded information on this dog to Crem.


Ain’t he adorable?? Well, Crem took Bear in as a foster. Bear, Crem, and Fuzzforbrains (Crem’s dog) were hanging out as three old bachelors.

And last week, I was talking to Crem and found out the news — seems that Bear totally FAILED the foster dog process. See, he entered the foster dog system, but he did not graduate from the foster dog system. NOPE — no way, he’s no longer up on the available list on the rescues’ website. He’s not passing through the foster system, he’s staying put right where he is.

As for Crem’s neighbor and I — so not surprised.

And I have found me a home
I have found me a home
You can have the rest of everything I own
‘Cause I have found me a home


2 responses to “FAILED!!!! (another happy tail)

  1. Oh, he is SOOOOO SWEET!! (the dog, I mean …. although your friend Crem is probably sweet too)

  2. Bear really looks like his name. I may have someone, in Chicago, to fix up with Crem. How would he feel about meeting a stunning, zaftig, 40-something, female attorney who never married? She is a helluva woman. I know her brother’s family well — all his friends mistake me for her often.

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