What happens here, stays here??

MLL was recently talking about her FILs vote. And TPGoddess is always willing to talk about her political views. (And my buddy Lecil does not hide her feelings about the former governor from her state). A number of my friends talk very openly about their political views.

Last Tuesday, in my great state, we had a primary (not a caucus) and I went out and voted, and later, when someone asked me how I voted, I found myself reluctant to talk about why and who I voted for. Not that I had any second thoughts about my vote (if my particular candidate goes on to win the party nomination and then the presidency, ask me in two years if I’m having second thoughts HAHAHA), but in my mind, what happens in the voting booth, stays in the voting booth.

I know when I was young and impressionable my grandmother (who lived with us) was very vocal about her voting and her leanings. (She died in the 1970s — but as she’s buried in Chicago and a very staunch democrat, so she might still be voting for all I know).

My dad, on the other hand, always stressed the importance of going and voting and that it didn’t matter who you voted for, just that you voted. Of course, when I lived with my folks, in Chicago, it was important to vote in order to keep your precint captain happy so that you could continue to get city services, like your garbage picked up.

Other than one primary when I was not feeling well (as in “thought I’d die if I tried to drive a car”, I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18. And other than a few people (who could probably guess anyway) I have not really expressed my choices, and I’ve never had a sign in my yard or a bumper sticker (okay — at present I live on the far end of a cul de sac – even if I did have a sign in my yard only about 4 houses would see it so it wouldn’t be very effective).

Do you express your vote, or not, and why? Discuss. You can talk about it in the responses, or on your own blog (but if you put it on your blog let me know — in the responses or by trackback – so I can follow the discussion).


6 responses to “What happens here, stays here??

  1. Oh, this is a good one. I’ll post a trackback later today. Gotta let the Movers stay on top of mine for a bit.

  2. Well, as you know, I’ve talked about my decidion this year on my blog, which is anonymous. πŸ™‚ I don’t necessarily do a lot of talking about my opinions in this regard in my day-to-day life. I’ve talked with other friends who are also Democrats, to my parents, to Adventure Guy. Remember, where I live, I’m in the minority, party-wise, so often it’s not that prudent to discuss politics.

  3. I have never voted by party lines, so dem or repub has never been an issue to me. I have no problem with telling my opinions or reason for my voting record.

    I was going Repub because of Ron Paul, but he will not run independant and will not cary to repub nomination, so now i support Obama(see, i told you i do not vote party). He is the next best and least sold out so far.

  4. I’m pretty vocal… I’m not sure if it’s really an election if we don’t have a yard sign. This year we had two, one for a local school tax measure and one for a state initiative. I was a bit reticent about my primary candidate choice this year (Obama), partly because what I want even more than a particular candidate is a united Democratic party come fall.

    Election night was interesting last week because I spent it with people who’d been working on the school tax campaign, and we were about evenly split Obama/Clinton in our primary choices. But since none of us had had the primary as our main focus, we could have rational, civil discussions.

  5. I tend not to talk about who I vote for except for around people I know who will except my crazy views without debating with me about it. I don’t debate well, but just because I don’t debate well doesn’t mean I don’t think about who I like and figure out who is best for me. I am willing to listen to other people’s views, I just don’t want to have to articulate my views because I just suck at that and I don’t want to hurt my canidate by not being able to explain why I like them. πŸ™‚

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