My friend Crem is a geek and a dog owner.  So somewhere along the way he decided to get a webcam for his house so he could watch his dogs when he’s not home (and *no* you will never get the address out of me).  So every now and then when I need a distraction I look at his dogs.  For instance, the other day I peeked in and they were trying to kill each other.  It must have worked too because later I looked and neither dog was moving.  However, even later they were both playing tug of war with the rope so all was okay.

Sometimes (and not often enough) he works from home, like many people he can often get a lot more done at home, without distractions from fellow employees.  Since I know he does work from home sometimes if I’m going to peek at his dogs I’ll switch the view of the camera to “outside” to see if his vehicle is around cause, personally, I think it’s a bit creepy to “watch” someone if they don’t know you’re watching them.

So the other day I take a look at the website and put the camera to “outside” to see if Crem is home (he was).  Later I was talking to him on the phone

Ramblingmom: Is that a classic VW beetle in your neighbor’s driveway?

Crem: Yeah, that belongs to a friend of neighbor’s son

Ramblingmom:  COOL — so could you move that tree in front of your window so I can get a better look.  
Okay — so he didn’t — it’s probably like a 20 year old tree and it would take quite a bit to dig out all the roots and everything to move it for my convenience.

(Maybe next time neighbor’s son should tell his friend to park the beetle a bit further forward or back so it’s not blocked by the tree).


2 responses to “Voyeurism

  1. I met Miss Molly on a webcam. But, you already knew that because you commented on it.


  2. BTW, my password is the same as yours. Easy to remember.

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