I was reading something about the debate and came across the following quote ……

It will be the first major debate in American presidential history not to feature a white male candidate.

WOW. That just really blows my mind. No. White. Males. And I don’t know what’s more fascinating — that this will be the first major debate in history to not feature a white male candidate, or that there are some stories that are not even mentioning the fact. A woman, a black male, and it ain’t news baby.

How frigging cool is that.

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2 responses to “OH MY GOSH!!!!

  1. WOW! I really hadn’t thought about that, but it’s certainly a significant event.

  2. It was the first thing I noticed when I turned on the TV. And of course they mentioned it a few times during the debate that the Dem nominee will be historical no matter who gets it. Awesome!

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