But nobody didn’t never tell me.

I have some friends that have  been having issues with their children that are Chips age.  Most of these issues (at present) seem to revolve around homework, well not homework exactly, more incomplete (or never started) homework.  My Chip, is, of course, perfect gag cough splutter.   Okay – I’ll admit to raising my voice slightly on Tuesday, after a three day weekend, when Chip was printing off homework that was due that day.  “You just had a three day weekend” Really a 3-1/2 day weekend (they had have a day on Friday).  Granted, the week before he was out of school for two days so he might have gotten off track a bit but still.  I’d rather see homework done in a more timely manner.

That said, today my friend Mostly-Mommy pointed out this link of dos and don’t with babies.

If they woulda told us all this stuff 10 years ago, our children might have been better off.  They might even be getting all their homework done and stuff.  But nobody never told us.  I know I made many of these mistakes — how many did you make?


2 responses to “But nobody didn’t never tell me.

  1. You know, I’ve tried DOZENS of times to bond with Nick over a nice, hot cup of coffee but he always seemed to just get all jittery and couldn’t focus on what we were talking about. Who knew?

  2. Is it only wrong if you GIVE the child a shoe to chew on or is it okay if the child chooses the shoe as a chew toy?

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