Yeah so like we got idiots

Big story in the Chicago metro area.  Yesterday afternoon someone stole a “doggie day care” van containing 5 dogs.  The van was left unlocked and running while the driver dropped off one of the dogs.  Luckily this morning the van (with all the dogs) was found safe with all the dogs alive and well.  Ah yeah the citizens of the Windy City are all very happy about the return of the precious pups.

There was some interesting discussion on the Chicago Tribune forums about the news story.  There were people calling the driver of the van a careless idiot (for leaving the van unlocked and running), people complaining that we here in the states value our pets more than our children, and a few people even standing up for the other of the doggie day care that had the van stolen.

But in the stories I’ve read and the comments I’ve read one thing seems to not have been addressed …

What kind of a IDIOT  would STEAL a van with 5 dogs in there?  I don’t know about all the dogs, but I know that one was a Boxer (which is not a small dog), and I don’t think I’d be stupid enough to get into a vehicle with strange dogs.

I’m also pretty sure that if I was driving a van with 5 dogs on a cold Chicago winter day that I might not think it was a high priority to turn off the vehicle and lock the dogs in because (1) I might want the dogs to stay warm and (2) I wouldn’t think that anyone would be stupid enough to to face 5 strange dogs.

I’m just saying.


One response to “Yeah so like we got idiots

  1. A boxer?? Well, there ya go! It was probably not the van the thief was after. He probably just wanted the boxer! Boxers are the best!

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