Right kindly and downright thoughtful…

I finally get it. I completely understand it and I totally appreciate what the state of Illinois is doing for me, my loved ones, and our safety.

I hadn’t ever really thought of it before today but finally the little light bulb went off over my head and I get it.

Illinois (and a few other states) have started saving driver’s time and effort in waiting at the DMV by allowing “good” drivers (i.e., those that don’t get caught) to renew their driver’s licenses by mail.

Now really – it might seem like a generally good idea — but it’s not just that it’s one of the

all time bloody brilliant concepts in state politics.

(I know – you’re thinking that I’ve been sniffing the fumes from the minivan again – but play along for a minute).

Generally speaking, most intelligent, reasonable people could, in all likelihood, find some way they’d rather spend their time than hanging around the DMV.  I mean I could think of dozens of things I’d rather do, go to the spa, have lunch, have an unnecessary root canal.  There are tons of things I’d rather do than spend hours queuing in a line at the DMV.  So, Illinois and some other states have decided that in order to reward good drivers you can renew your license without wasting time at that place.

And that’s a good thing.  This means that many intelligent people are doing what they can, within their power to avoid getting traffic citations.  Perhaps driving a little safer.  Maybe save a few lives along the way (but mostly avoid going to the DMV).

So, now we have people driving a little safer, getting less tickets, thus giving the police a break (and saving money).  And of course, since starting this, at least in Illinois anyway, they haven’t exactly been overstaffing the DMV offices, thus saving even MORE taxpayer dollars.

They are saving our lives, and saving our money.  Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart???

(yeah — didn’t think so).

I understand that the environmental movement is going to start trying to reduce emissions  by getting the DMV of different states involved.  The plan is to reduce staffing so much that it makes it so bloody miserable to even bother to go to the DMV that people will just forget about driving and find alternate transportation everywhere.  I’m seriously going to consider that before the next time my license is up for renewal.


One response to “Right kindly and downright thoughtful…

  1. I’m afraid I don’t quite get it. It isn’t like you were actually required to take a written or driving test anyway to renew – unless you were revoked. What is the big deal, is the picture on your current license that unflattering?

    Personally I think every 5 years or so one should have to take and pass a relatively stringent re-education class.

    Of course isn’t it true that about 1/3 of illinois drivers aren’t licensed or insured anyway?


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