What was she thinking when she bought her that.

Spouse hates shopping, and if I wait for him to buy me presents there will be nothing under the tree for me so I get my own presents (and wrap them myself too).  Well, he ain’t perfect but (I know this will come as a shock) neither am I so we deal with each other’s idiosyncrasies. 

Anyway, this year I bought myself a new knife (as I mentioned in this post) since the old one (as Crem put it) “couldn’t cut air” it was time.  (I do plan to give the old one to Chip with a shapening stone and let him have some fun).  My knife also doubles as my keychain so I always have it with me.  Well, as the old one wasn’t all that sharp, I got into some bad habits (like not closing the thing). 

It’s probably best summed up in this exchange from earlier today with Crem

Ramblingmom: Ummmm remind me that my new knife can actually CUT things and I should make an attempt to remember to not leave it open

Crem: Also don’t play with it in your pocket when bored unless carrying bandaids

Though now that I think about it — I wonder if that comment of his might be from experience???? Hmmmm??

Anyway, my question of the day — What IDIOT would give a careless forgetful person like *ME* a sharp object???


One response to “What was she thinking when she bought her that.

  1. The only presents I got that I did not buy for myself were some lotions from a neighbor and a plant from a client! I wrapped the presents I bought for myself from my husband but made my Mom wrap the gift from her and Dad. I am glad I am not alone!

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