To all of you

To my friends that celebrate Christmas.  Have a Merry Christmas, I hope Santa brings you something very special (even if, like at my house, YOU are Santa and you have to buy your own gift).

If you are traveling, have safe and sound travels, and if you’re staying with relations at the other end I hope they don’t drive you too crazy (hi Crem).

For those that don’t celebrate Christmas (Alto2) or those that for whatever reason are not looking forward to Christmas this year (I’ve had those years — all too many) just remember this – it will all be OVER SOON!!!!!

And that, dear friends, is worth celebrating.


One response to “To all of you

  1. Merry Christmas to you too. I hope it is safe, happy and not-so-heathy!! Indulge in all that is good, especially chocolate!

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