Ramblingmom Brags

Okay I need to brag on myself. The other day we had our gift exchange with Spouse’s family. There was Gma and Gpa, our family, and SILs family (two adults, two kids). In theory each family was limited to bringing two gifts per person — which (if people actually followed the limit) would mean 20 gifts. Well, it was a bit over that.  After all was over, there was a rather large pile of leftover paper (which is recyclable but still).

For each person I wrapped *ONE* package (albeit each with multiple gifts).  I used two gift bags and then two “soap opera style” wrapped shoe boxes (if you ever watch soap operas — or probably other tv shows – they wrap boxes such that you can just lift the lid off without removing the paper).

I contributed exactly *NOTHING* to that pile of paper.

And as an afterthought — without spending TIME wrapping each present individually I also managed to save myself quite a bit of time.  And my time is a resource well worth conserving.


3 responses to “Ramblingmom Brags

  1. Love the Soap Opera boxes! You should brag!

  2. My mother is the Queen of the soap opera boxes. There some boxes she has from when I was 10 years old and she still is using. I am not as good about them as she is…mostly because I like having new wrapping paper, so I just make sure I collect everything that is recyclable and make sure it gets recycled.

    Good for you not adding to even the recycling.

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