This is just fundamentally WRONG

Everyone knows (though again I’m not finding a reference) that in Chicago there are two seasons

  1. Winter and
  2. Road construction

One of the main advantages of winter is the lack of road construction, and one of the main advantages of road construction is the lack of winter.

Somebody forgot the carnal rule AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET.

I can take road construction, and I can take winter, but both together … it’s just plain WRONG — WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Or, as I was saying to Spouse last night “I thought the orange cones were supposed to fly south for the winter, WTF do they think they are??  Canadian Geese??  Orange cones are supposed to be a MIGRATORY species

Alto2, Mimi, Mom of 4K, PLEASE come take them away and bring them where all the other Illinois snow birds go?  (Yeah, there’s a reason we send all our blue hairs down to you guys when the weather gets bad too).


2 responses to “This is just fundamentally WRONG

  1. We have just 2 seasons here in Florida: mosquito season and tourist season. Unfortunately, the road crews allegedly work year-round here.

  2. Keep the cones, we have plenty. You come here instead. The boys and I will take you on one of our famous boat rides. We will see birds, dolphin, manatee. alligators, and, if we are lucky, the Skunkape!

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