MIL and FIL are in their 70s and 80s (respectively). They’re at the stage of most older folks where they have enough money to fill their needs, and their needs are pretty small. They are downsizing, and they don’t go much of anywhere. So finding gifts for them is no small task — at least finding gifts that they will appreciate. Sometimes MIL asks for nothing more than to have tech things taken care of (i.e., I’ll buy a new computer — you come plug it all in).

This year, however, is finally different. I finally found something that they’ll need, they’ll use, and I don’t think they have.

I’m getting them Yaktrax which basically amounts to tire chains for shoes.

Last Sunday, we had an ice storm here and quite a few of the older folks at church fell (and at least one guy broke his hip).  When I was in high school, my Granny fell and broke her hip – after that she went into a nursing home and I never saw her again (my mom wouldn’t take me to see her because she didn’t want me to remember Granny the way she was then — it was really rather cruel of mom though I’m sure she was doing what she thought was best.  At any rate, in my mind I equate people breaking their hips with people disappearing.  So I guess I like my in-laws enough to not have them disappear.

Anyway, I’m just thrilled that I managed to think of something that is useful (and affordable).  While I was at it, I bought some for Spouse and myself (we got the “glow in the dark” ones since we’re likely to be walking fuzzybutt after dark).  I was on the phone with the nice lady at REI to find out what they might have in stock and was debating (aloud) the relative merits of having Spouse be seen in the dark “well, do I want Spouse to be visible at night, or should I just let him get hit by a car” but decided that I’d try to save his life an all.

And, while I was at it, REI had a deal where if you spent $100 then you get a $20 discount.  With the 4 pairs of Yaktrax I was over $80 so I decided that it was just as blessed to receive as it was to give, and found something to break the $100 mark.

I figure it was $24 so I really only spent like $4 on it, right?  And I’ve been needing a new knife (really, when you have trouble cutting YARN with your knife the blade is getting a bit on the dull side).


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