Today’s lesson

Today in our “wisdom of the heart” lessons, we’ll talk about how to be a friend.

This lesson is not coming from ramblingmom’s example, but by the example set for me by other people.

Background for #1 Ramblingmom’s been moving – well her work has been moving. It meant the cleaning out of the minivan and removing the seats. To ramblingmom’s surprise, on Sunday she discovered that she was helping Spouse and BIL with moving the furniture (and actually I came in handy with doors and such). We were out to Sunday brunch with Spouse’s sister’s family and I said “so do you want me to come and help you guys or hang with the kids, and if you want me to come with you do we want me to bring the kids or what” when niece#4 came up with a brilliant plan (later approved by sister-in-law, as she was actually the only one that could approve such a plan). So later Princess and Chip went off with sister-in-law and niece’s car seat. I had a late night Sunday night and didn’t think about anything further. On Monday afternoon I’m driving the minivan over to school, as I was co-leading Princess’ brownie meeting. Suddenly I realized OH CRAP – Princess’ booster seat (which she is legally required to be in for two more years) is not in minivan.

Background for #2, the Rambling family currently holds a membership for Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. So yesterday I went to the museum in order to see their current Star Wars special exhibit. I got the kids off to school, with a note to Princess’ teacher saying she’d be going home with G-dMum. I had my free special exhibit ticket and my membership card and money for bus fair and … did NOT have my camera.

So what does this all have to do with being a friend???

  1. Missing booster seat … so I called G-dMum (who lives very close to school) and said (in somewhat of a panic) “are you heading this way, and do you have an extra carseat??” and the answers were “no” and “yes” so I wandered over to G-dMums (three blocks from school) and borrowed a seat so I could get the Princess home legally (and not set a precedent that she could ride without a booster seat cause the first time that happens then the kids go “well I rode ONCE …” and that continues endlessly until kid outgrows carseat.  Princess got her persistent nature from me I reckon.)
  2. Forgotten camera … As luck would have it, I happened to be on the same train as Crem (okay about 6 cars apart) when I realized that I didn’t have a camera. So I sent him a text message (and were exactly is the “pretty please with sugar on top” smiley face in my symbols for texting on my cell phone?) asking if he had a camera that he was willing to loan me (answers were “yes” and “yes”) so he got off the train and waited and waited and waited past 6 cars of people and passed me off his brand new camera.

Now, I’d like to point out that there are a few things here that fall under the heading of how to be a good friend. Yes, it’s important to be willing to share with a friend in need, and yes it’s also useful to have the ability to help out in certain situations (for instance, G-dMum would never have been on the train, and does not always carry a camera, on the other hand Crem wouldn’t have any need to have a carseat).

The most important thing though, and the reason that I love and admire these people is that

Neither of them called me a stupid bloody idiot for being so careless as to forget important items. Just, oh ramblingmom needs, well here you go. I mean it’s one thing to help out a friend in need, and something totally different to not lord it over them, call them an idiot, and make a notch that they owe you one.


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