Lots of Happy

Today I had lots of “moment of happy” times.

  1. Christmas Brunch.  Every year, on  the first Friday of December, our church has a brunch.  We invite anyone that wants to come, but the majority of attendees are people from the local senior centers.  Lots of egg casseroles are around (and mine was pretty darn good even though I did put about 10 pounds of cheese in there – but I only got a nibble of mine cause it was actually at a different table), sweetbreads, and sing along Christmas carols.  It’s just FUN.  I know that Christmas can be overdone, but somehow I feel that Christmas music belongs in churches, and homes, and cars a lot more than it belongs in restaurants and stores.
  2. Purple Yarn.  I’m making a prayer shawl, and I got some yarn but I discovered I needed more.  I’ve had lots of trouble finding more of this particular yarn, but in an expotition (points to anyone that can tell me where the spelling for that word came from) after the brunch I found some.  Happy Happy.
  3. THE collie.  I’ve been looking for the Webkinz collie for Princess.  The other day I met someone that knew that there were some at the maul (of all places).  But now I have the collie.
  4. A LONG leisurly lunch (almost two hours).

YEP — that’s my day.  Brunch, shopping, lunch.  But I’m about to head into the hard time of year for me so I figure charging my batteries ahead of time will do me some good.


2 responses to “Lots of Happy

  1. The biggest display of Webkins I have seen lately was a Walgreens! UGH!

    I am glad you had a nice day!

  2. I’m impressed you found the collie. I thought I would need to hunt it down but DD4 claims a friend is getting it for her. We’ll see. Of course she is supposed to get the said friend the Husky, so I do need to find that. Plus a couple of others for DD4. I’ll have to check out Walgreens.

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