Hold a thanks

A common phrased used to describe Ramblingmom is that she “can nurse a grudge as long as a baby.” Chip was not the first of the augustmoms babes to wean (and possibly not the last, by that time we were really no longer keeping track). And I’ve been known to nurse a grudge for a while.

Really, nursing a grudge doesn’t do anyone any good.

Nowdays, though, when someone slights me and apologizes I often joke with them that I’ll get around to getting mad at them in a few decades. I don’t have time to get upset over minor things.

Today, however, I’m thinking about the exact opposite of holding a grudge, and that is holding a gratitude.

90 years ago today, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, during WWI (the first “war to end all wars“) a ship carrying a cargo of explosives ran into another ship and exploded. This leveled half the town, kill about 2,000 people, and left about 6,000 people homeless.

Later that same day, a train left from Boston, Mass. The Massachusetts-Halifax Relief Committee volunteers were the first folks to arrive, and the last to leave and gave a great deal of help to the people of Halifax in the wake of their tragedy. You can find out lots (and lots and lots) about this by searching the Internet.

Starting in 1971 (why 54 years later? Who knows) Nova Scotia decided to supply the Boston Christmas tree every year. So now, every December when the people of Halifax and Dartmouth and all of Nova Scotia are remembering the events of Dec. 6, 1917 and the aftermath, they are also sending a great big thank you card to the people of Boston.

Here’s hoping MY children remember the people that do right by me, and not hold any grudges through more than one generation.


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