My gift to share

One saying oft heard out of Ramblingmom’s mouth is “I have many gifts” which is usually followed by “and that’s not one of them.”  Particularly pertaining to things like organizational skills or remembering details about everyone’s life (Alto2 EXCELS at that in the augustmoms group) or decorating details (I do not have the Martha Stewart gene).

And that’s okay, I don’t need to be good at everything.  Okay I DO need to be good at everything but I’m never going to so I’ve accepted that and moved on, okay so I’m working at accepting that and moving on.

One thing that I am good at is “people skills.”  As one person put it I’ve got “wisdom of the heart” and while I never thought of it that way, it does seem to be somewhat true.

Another gift i’ve got is the ability to learn from my mistakes.  And, amazingly over the years this has help lead to my people skills (in other words I’ve been known to screw things up a time or two).

So over the next while (days, weeks, months, I’ve no idea what I’m doing) I’ll post some entries about relationship life lessons I’ve learned.  Perhaps a person (or two) can learn a thing (or three) from MY mistakes, and thus avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve fallen into.

Or, another thing that ramblingmom says “why screw up the same old way when there are so many MORE ways to screw things up that we haven’t tried yet.”


One response to “My gift to share

  1. Well … I’m patiently waiting for the relationship life lessons. Or is your next post the lesson? Be a seductress?! Or is the not-eating-yellow-snow the lesson? We don’t have snow … Still waiting …

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