Moment of Happy

Just in case anyone was wondering how my brain works I’ll give a moment of happy and “remove all doubt.”

On Saturday I took Chip to a chess tournament.  Princess came along for the day because she loves to hang out at tournaments (basically a chess tournament is like a big pizza party that is interrupted, on occasion, by rounds of chess).  The kids had done rather well all day (Chip took 4th place in his division).  At one point in time during the day it started snowing, really pretty big flakes of snow.  After a bit, visually there was no longer snow coming down.

When we left the building, I saw that the “lack of visual snow” had actually turned into freezing rain.  After taking a bunch of ice and chipping out a snow sculpture of my van (really, the windows needed to be hacked with an icepick in order to clear off the sheet of ice on them) I started driving home.

I have two children.  They are siblings and believe that it is their duty to bicker at all times, but most especially in the car.  I’ve had issues with this more than once (ask any of the augustmoms).

Well, on Saturday after I got the car cleared off and moving, my children were sitting next to each other in the minivan, they were both awake, and they were *QUIET.*

I have no idea what happened or what possessed them to be quiet, but I’m glad they chose the time that I was driving in an ice storm to decide that this was the way to behave.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)


3 responses to “Moment of Happy

  1. It’s karma. After dealing with all that ice on the windshield you had earned quiet, cooperative kids! I HATE, HATE, HATE scraping my windshield. I was spoiled by growing up where I rarely, if ever, needed to!

  2. I guess I should refrain from questioning about what this ice scraping thing is, right?

    Glad the kids got a clue!

  3. LSM,

    I don’t think growing up needing to scrap windshields makes you hate it any less.


    Yes, you SHOULD refrain from questioning.

    If they kids hadn’t gotten a clue, it’s likely they would have received a clue x 4

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