Open letter to Sock Girl

In this post Sock Girl, wonders about the need for

a dog stroller. I can, if I stretch my brain really far, “see” the “need” for a dog stroller (or the use of some kind of transport for a dog) if you have an older dog, maybe with leg or hip problems, and you (and the dog) enjoy outdoor activities but his (or her) walking abilities are limited. But generally as a basic rule after TREAT Fuzzybutt’s favorite thing is WALK and that means on a leash, and smelling all the bushes. I mean really, in a stroller how can a dog read his (or her) pee mail??? And isn’t that what a walk is all about anyway? So many trees, so little pee.  Unless you’re lucky enough to run into another dog and the dogs can sniff each other’s behinds. THIS is the kind of stuff dogs LIVE for.

But one thing that you need to know, Sock Girl.  Maybe someone was sitting around the table asking the question you posed,

Perhaps I should make myself useful by creating a device that will allow him to get no exercise on our daily walks whatsoever. And then maybe I’ll market it so that other pets in the nation can get less exercise too! Dang, I’m brilliant!”

Perhaps.  Or perhaps someone was sitting around thinking …

“Look at all these rich chicks running around with their dogs in purses.”  (I mean really, check out the bling on the dog on the left.  That’s more bling than I’ve worn in this decade).  “Man I wish I’d thoughta some useless, yet expensive, product to sell to folks that have too much money and want to spend it on dogs.”  “HEY I get it, I’ll make something for dogs that are too big to go into the purses”  KA!CHING

And now, after looking through some of the images, I must admit that the pink poodle purse Princess possesses seems much more reasonable.

Of course, back in the day when I had two cats and lived two blocks from the vet (and refused to take the cats anywhere in the car if I could help it) I could have used one of these …

cause generally speaking neither cat weighed too much, but when I had them both in carriers and was walking with them and they were both squirming it was a bit of a pain to handle (but realistically if I had a kid’s stroller I could just as easily have stacked the carriers on top of a kid’s stroller for the short trek to the vet.  Maybe a second hand kid’s stroller from a yard sale, and a couple of bungee cords).

Let’s face it Sock Girl,  you and I (people who look at these products and say WTF why would I spend my money on that excessive crap) are not the kind of folks that are expanding these other people’s wallets.  But they don’t care cause there are enough people to buy this that we don’t really matter.

Crem, forget about the ticket to Capitol Steps, after seeing the dog stroller I’m SURE you’d appreciate that for Christmas so much more.  I’m sure fuzzforbrains would love it too.

OH DRAT — I can’t find one for dogs that weigh more than 30 pounds.  I’m sure your heart is broken.


One response to “Open letter to Sock Girl

  1. While I admit that the dog carrier purse boggles my mind as much as the dog stroller, I have to say I know a couple of little people who would really go for the pink poodle number 🙂 Princess has fine taste in handbags.

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