ahhh – relaxation

A “moment of happy” from yesterday. I was able to sit back, close my eyes, and relax and have a paraffin hand treatment all at the same time.

I’m so glad my dentist decided to put those in. Now my hands are nice and soft and smooth again.

AND — Chip and I had concurrent appointments, so while I was in the chair, they found a couple of teeth that needed sealants and a couple of small fillings, which were done after his cleaning during my appointment. So no more return trips to the dentist.

Yeah – so I like to go to the dentist — what can I say — I’m weird. From a report from a few years ago (this was quite some time after I discovered Dr. B. Now his office has expanded).

– The latest trend is patient pampering. Now you can get a massage to go with your root canal or –how about a pedicure before some cosmetic injections???

They are known as medical spas and the concept is simple: combine the sometimes scary business of medicine with the soothing pleasures of a spa. The goal is to attract consumers who actually look forward to seeing the surgeon or dentist. But, some critics say not so fast —this union may not be in the best interest of the patient. How about a heated massage, a warm paraffin hand treatment and some personalized music. With all that you may not even notice the drilling.

Family dentist Tom Brown says that’s because his Naperville office is more like a retreat than a clinic.He believes the soothing perks make for better medicine because patients are calmer and they typically need fewer Novocain shots.

“The big thing is distraction so if we can distract them from the pain it really works,” said Tom Brown, D.D.S., family dentist.

All the while, Princess was in the waiting room either with the Game Boy or the Train Table.


One response to “ahhh – relaxation

  1. I will strongly suggest this to my dentist!

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