Things what make me happy

meredevachon started it, crazywritinfool picked it up, and now ramblingmom continues. I’m going to try some, for a least a few days, in addition to or instead of the NaBloPoMo thing, write things that make me happy.

  1. Got the holiday cards ordered — we can send them out sometime before Valentine’s Day this year. Even managed to get a decent picture of both kids AND the dog. Well, a couple of places had cards on sale for 24 or 48 hours or whatever Thanksgiving special. I find deep di$count$ $trong motivator$.
  2. I’m Chicago born and bred. I LOVE really good pizza — and typically don’t like bogus pizza type stuff. Tonight we went to a newish place called Cici’s Pizza Buffett. All you care to eat for like $6 a head. I first saw the salad bar and I was not incredibly impressed (I have major issues with fake bacon bits). All was forgiven, however, once I discovered Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Absolutely NOT what I would ever even consider “real pizza” but tasty (and cheap) nonetheless.

2 responses to “Things what make me happy

  1. We have Cici’s here and I was also skeptical when the soccer team had their end of the season dinner there. But I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t Lou Malnati’s or Monical’s by any means, but for $6 it wasn’t too bad.

  2. Cici’s is great when you’re in the area, want a cheap meal, and want to be filled up. Their pizza isn’t bad at all. I like the chicken alfredo pizza the best. I go to the one in Lombard/Downers Grove whenever I’m out there and it’s nice and they will even custom make you a pizza if you like.

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