No good deed goes unpunished — Doh

Lately my kids (and I) have been getting old episodes of The Simpsons from Netflix to watch. In many ways I seem to be able to relate to the family.

Back in 1990, when Niece1 was 13, she was quite enamored of Bart Simpson, and the “hot toy” that Christmas was the Talking Bart Simpson doll. It was one of those great toys for an unmarried childless Aunt to purchase for a child. But, as many of us know revenge is a dish best served loud. And a few times my sister has gotten me back for that (and the hit sticks I got niece1 and niece2 – sticks that made lots of noise when shaken). The Bart doll said many irritating phrases, like “Aye Carumba” and “Don’t have a cow” and “yo mamma” and other such gems. At the time, my niece1 was 13 and wanted to marry Bart Simpson. Now she’s 30 (and amazingly enough, she HAS married Bart Simpson :} ). Since my children have recently taken a liking to the Simpsons, I’ve been reminded of this doll.

Thanksgiving the minivan went to Sister’s house for dinner.  Niece1 and Princess went upstairs for a while to put GreatNephew down for a nap. They had disappeared for a while and eventually Princess came down the stairs very excited. She came up to me and said “Niece1 said I could have this, can I take this home?”

Where exactly is Niece1’s “attitude of gratitude” giving away a gift that I gave her — I mean she’s only had it 17 years.   Ungrateful little brat.  (Okayokay — she’s probably over her Bart Simpson phase).

So, those of you with nieces and nephews — be careful what you buy for them, it may come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

No good deed goes unpunished
no act of charity goes unresented
no good deed goes unpunished
that’s my new creed


3 responses to “No good deed goes unpunished — Doh

  1. LOL….she really did marry Bart Simpson, huh?? 🙂

  2. My best friend gave us a blow-up ball pit when my oldest was two. OMG, we LOATHED that toy! No child wants to play IN the pit, they get the greatest joy from flinging the balls out of the pit.

    Flash foward several years later, hubby and I thought it would be hilarious to give a comparable gift to another set of friends. Hubby was even so nice as to open the ball pit and blow it up for the recipient child (ensuring that the parents could not return it).

    The male counterpart of that couple recently mused to me, “Huh! Your toddler is the perfect age for a ball pit!” Oh no…

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