A,B,C, it’s easy as 1,2,3, or simple as Do, Re, Me

ABC meme,

List a word that describes you for every letter of the alphabet. Offer as much or as little explanation as you wish. Please keep the words positive and feel free to get creative.

History below

A: August Mom
B: Business Owner (but only for 6 more months)
C: Chinese relations (Spouse is Chinese, son is 1/2 Chinese, daughter is Chinese)
D: Digresses in conversations
E: Easy-going
F: Family (is a priority)
G: Guinness
H: Harry Potter (wild about the boy)
I: Irish (mostly)
J: Jim, Jimmy (Jim Henson, Jimmy Buffett)
K: Knitter (albeit a brand new knitter)
L: Lifelong Illinoisian
M: MOM (because I said so)
N: nonconformist
O: Old Time Rock & Roll
P: Patient
Q: Queen (well, I’m mom to the Princess)
R: Rambling (duh)
S: Snoozer (or at least I’d like to be a snoozer)
T: Trader Joe’s
U: Unguarded (which is why some people in my real life don’t know about this blog — it bothers SIL that I “say what I mean and mean what I say.”
V: Voter (remember that all you candidates)
W: World’s Best Collie
X: xenophobic — scratch that, reverse it (I rarely have fear or dislike of people “not like me”
Y: Young at Heart (or at least I like to think so)
Z: Zygote (or at least I started out as one.

I tag, Mostly-Mommy (cause she hasn’t posted anything in forever – geez I hope she’s going to ChefBob’s for dinner Thanksgiving, I’d love to be there), The Original Terann, Willowgreen, and lecil, (hmmm I have a tendency to pick people that don’t write much)

Doc Thelma tagged me. Originally started somewhere, picked up in our crowd by Alto2. She tagged Squib, Mom of 4K, and Are We there Yet? Are We There Yet tagged Simone, but then Doc Thelma picked it up and tagged “any augustmoms not tagged yet.” So that’s where I come in.

Which is good, because so far Alto2, Are We There Yet, and Doc Thelma have answered this, and my theory is to read AFTER I answer, so I don’t get any undue influence. So now I can catch up on my reading. And I have one more day down for NaBloPoMo.


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