The apple and the tree

So sometime between 2001 and 2002 Spouse and I decided that we were going to adopt a child from China (it’s not the kind of decision that gets made in an instant — it’s sort of a process). 

After we started telling people we were adopting from China there were many questions — and one that was asked a few times was “why are you adopting from China?” and I would answer “because my daughter is there and I have to go get her.”  Now, I know it really does sound all hocus pocusey (I do not think that’s a word) and weird and bizarre and it does not make sense on a level of sensibility and logic.  But when you know something, you know something, ya know what I mean?   

But — maybe I was wrong.  This morning Princess and I were at church.  We were cutting through the sanctuary (between services) to get from one side of the building to the other (it’s one of those old, big, “in town” churches that’s had a variety of build on and additions and the organization of the building brings to mind the road system in and near Boston “you can’t get there from here”). 

Anyway, as we were walking through we pass by one of the guys from church, KC (he’s a friend of mine — actually we both good at giving backrubs, and are always willing to receive backrubs from each other). 

 So we walk past my friend KC and Princess says to him “Hi Handsome.” (An ADULT from our church — one of the people she is suppose to show honour and respect and she comes out with “Hi Handsome.” )

I look at her, look at him, and say to KC “I don’t know where she gets it.”

(yeah — he didn’t fall for that line either)


2 responses to “The apple and the tree

  1. HA HA! I’ve heard you say that before!

  2. It is amazing how similar our adopted children can be to us. Nature vs. nurture? A dab of both is what I say!

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