google images meme

I grabbed this meme from Doc Thelma’s House

1. Go to Google Images
2. Type in your full name (no quotes) in the search engine.
3. Post the first picture that comes up.

I slightly cheated — because it sort of depends on exactly how I type in my full name.  But when I typed in first name, maiden name, and married name (which I often go by anyway) I found an image that is actually related to me. 

NOW — what does this have to do with rambling mom you may ask? 

Because if you go to this site where the picture comes from, there is a file (copyrighted 1996 mind you) that has my name on there (and a very very OLD email address)

(When I typed in first name, middle name, maiden name, married name, I came up with a bunch of pictures of people that look nothing like me — but nothing interesting like a gravestone.)


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