End of an era

Back in 1999, we decided to get Chip a pet. After doing some research we decided that a good pet for him (at that time) would be a guinea pig, and after doing some more research we found out that there actually were such things as guinea pig rescues (whodathunkit), and there was even a “local” (to Chicago) one The Critter Corralso we wandered off to meet Rose and her house-load of piggies.

Rose has a remarkable gift of matching people to animals, she’s like a pet Yente or something, and she matched us with Hans, our first (of many) Critter Corral Piggies.

But, children grow and change and their interests change – and that’s fine. And a while back Spouse and I decided that we were done with piggies when Caribou died. Not that we don’t like guinea pigs or think they make good pets, they are remarkable, friendly, funny, furry animals. We’ve just decided that in our house we didn’t want the expense (albeit small) or the real estate devoted to the piggies.

Now, as I wrote to the Critter Corral pet list, as long as Rose is with the rescue they’ll still have our family on the volunteer roll (you can’t get rid of us that easy). We’ll still go to the pignic, the open house report from 2006 here, I still need to report on the 2007 open house, and I may run the booth at a pet fair or two during the spring and summer (yeah, sitting around all day in my shade house visiting with people and animals — it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it). 

Like any other pet, they give so much and stay so short a time.

Chip and Caribou from recent Open House

And, a fun video
the guinea pig way


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