A picture is worth a thousand words.

Instead of responding to my comments on You may yet learn to hate me in the comment section, I’ll make a separate post (or, if people continue to comment after I post this, I’ll do some followups).  There are quite a few things I love about WordPress, but I don’t think it’s as easy to follow comments here as it is on livejournal.

The first to comment, and by far the easiest was LSM from the suburbs. She’s now a school administrator but she’s a “teacher” by trade, and she married her childhood sweetheart (or at least college sweetheart).

Please note that this is a picture of an adult Anne, I reserve the right to use young Anne for another person.  Really Princess reminds me quite a bit of young Anne. 

The next comment, and a far cry from simple, was Alto2 from The Testosterone Zone.  Finding nonfictional characters for her is not a problem.

BUT then I got to thinking (always a danger where I am concerned) and I remember that Alto2 has called herself the “queen of tarts” and I’m sure that more than once she has said something with the general feel of “off with their heads” to her boys, so

My friend over at One Feather Tail (I checked with her to see if it made sense) yep — this works for her 


as long as she promises to remember not to try to make herself more “beautiful” by making herself over – she’s fine the way she is. 



because she runs a house full of girls. 



The Jane Fonda character in On Golden Pond, because she connects with her family by the water.



who absolutely adores her dog as much as Mrs. Pumphrey loves Trickie Woo (but Bunny is not quite “over the top” with the spoiling). 

And some people I know will never respond but Squib

Because they both love Maine.

Doc Thelma cause women making it in a man’s world don’t take no nothing

mamasara brings to mind

Christopher Robin, not always mentioned, but always behind the scenes in the Hundred Acre Wood, taking care of everyone else.

My buddy Crem


 (or is that like too obvious)



though I thought of putting “thought balloon” signage on him when he went as Lassie for Halloween “so Timmy’s in the well — who cares” And I look at that lovely picture of that beautiful collie and think “MAN the groomer is going to go NUTS getting all the burrs out after that shot

Bonus — one more for Alto2 and or our friend at One Feather Tail for running their “houses of boys,” both Alto2, Down Under Mum, and Jill Taylor are surviving in testosterone zones.

MLL – this one kept popping into my head, the “therapist” and let’s face it, you both have issues with “mother.”


as Professor Henry Higgins pointed out, he (Professor Higgins) would treat a lady like a flowergirl, whereas Colonel Pickering (pictured) would treat a flowergirl like a lady. Crem just treats people well as a matter of course, and as such at times reminds me of Colonel Pickering. It’s one of the things I respect most about him, and I wish to emulate.

So now, who’s still talking to me?  I’m tagging, LSM, Alto2, One Feather Tail, MLL, Bunny, AND Calvin (hey – it gives you one more post to come up with your 30 for November).


5 responses to “A picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. I am flattered. I remind you of three characters, not just one. Truth be told, I adore Paula Deen and Ina Garten. I’ll watch Paula any old time — she had a house full of boys, too — and Ina is my hero. I want her house in the Hamptons. My reality is “Home Improvement”. My kids’ sizes are exactly like those on the TV show. My husband doesn’t try to fix much; I’m the fixit person around here.

    Mostly, I love seeing your perceptions of other people. Calvin will be tickled to know you think of her as Jane Fonda.

  2. I recognize the woman from Facts of Life (although I’m blanking on her name), but not the other one, the therapist….is it someone from Star Trek?

  3. Alto2 – stop laughing 🙂 – I believe the task was to compare the person to a FICTIONAL CHARACTOR, so the comparison was to the charactor she played in the movie! I trust I was one of the more difficult people to compare, seeing I am only known through the limited postings. That said, the reason for the comparison was right on. Well done! (To let you in on the joke that left Alto2 and I slapping our knees, I am one of Alto2s more conservative friends!)

  4. Oh those are wonderful. I could see those who I know personally in those pictures. I love the picture of Anne and Gilbert. Hmm, it’s nice to see I can fly under the radar too :).

  5. I have to say I do quote lines from “Murder She Wrote” because some of the lines are way too fake Maine so it becomes funny. “Colder then a lobster trap in January.” Is a line I use often that is from “Murder She Wrote.” 😉

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