Do Over Day

I guess it has to happen to every parent sooner or later.  Your charge gets into something that he or she should not have, and you need to extract it so need to get the stomach pumped.  If I was thinking about it, I would have thought the stage had passed, what with Chip being 11 and Princess being 6.  However, eight ate.  My eight year old got into something he shouldn’t have, and needed to go to the vet to have the contents of his stomach emptied.  He did NOT get into socks, underwear, pantyhose, rocks, balls, chew toys, corn cobs, bones, hair ties/ribbons, or sticks (or homework).  But we were concerned that the bread dough might actually rise in his stomach, thus causing a necessity for surgery. 

But, after he had some medicine to force vomiting, we did find the final answer to the question “what happened to all the bread dough that was on the table?”

Meanwhile, I’m now about 2 hours late to get to Crem’s house because he needed a backup for his dog walker.  But there’s a reason Crem has a commercial carpet cleaner.  So then I take his dog and foster dog out for a walk, and his foster dog manages to find the bone that’s in the middle of the street.  NOW, if fuzzybutt (my collie, still at the vet), or fuzzforbrains (Crem’s dog) got something in their mouth I’d have no trouble getting it out.  However, fosterhusky is a husky with food issues.  Or, as Crem asked me, “do you like your fingers?”  I’m thinking I’m kind of used to them.  I’ll never make it through NaBloPoMo without them.  So for the entire walk fosterhusky worked on the bone, about halfway through the walk I had an idea so wanted to get back to my car.  Good thing that I didn’t manage to clean out my car.  This weekend there was a bake sale at church, and I bought some sugar cookies.  fosterhusky was really attached to that bone, but the idea of her foster brother having the cookie was too tempting, so she came after a cookie, and since she was still on the leash I was able to get her away from the bone.  Those cookies also came in handy because, what with the vet and running behind and everything, well, that was my lunch, at least the cookies I didn’t bribe the dogs with. 

And then I was looking for someplace to put the bone where no dog could get it.  I was looking around and noticed crem’s car window open just a bit.  So I tossed it on the driver’s seat (figuring he’d find it there, but if I attempted to get it in another part of the car one of the dogs might find it first.). 

 So, today I managed to try to kill two dogs, poke my best friend in the butt, and meanwhile I “abandoned” my children (okay the neighbor was home and Princess went over for popcorn) by not being here when they got home from school.

I’m thinking if I was to live in a society where you needed to have a license in order to have a child or pet, they probably wouldn’t even allow me to have a FAKE houseplant. 

I’m thinking it’s a “do over day,” or an Alexander Day, or something, I’m just sayin.


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