More Outvasion

Fuzzybutt must be reading my blog …

My buddy Bunny Bubblette has been talking about how her talented dog has been managing to escape from the house (only into the garage).  Well, I think Fuzzybutt has been jealous.  Yesterday we come home from church to find — nothing unusual except the neighbors telling us that they brought Fuzzybutt home and put him back in the house. Our screendoor has been getting more and more ripped, and we’ve been avoiding fixing it. IF the front door is not closed all the way, it kind of opens by itself. Well, yesterday Fuzzybutt decided to explore the neighborhood I suppose. Luckily one of the neighbors saw him out wandering around, and dropped him back in the house.

Perhaps he was looking for one of the following, as listed by VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) as the top ten items removed from dog’s gastrointestional tracts …

1. Socks (hmmm, I wonder if Old Blue Socks knows)
2. Underwear
3. Pantyhose
4. Rocks
5. Balls
6. Chew toys
7. Corn cobs
8. Bones
9. Hair ties/ribbons
10. Sticks

Other items that didn’t crack the Top 10 included nails, sewing needles, nipples from baby bottles, pagers, hearing aids, drywall, snail bait, batteries, rubber bands, and toy cars.

Noticably missing from the list is


Nope, the dog did NOT eat my homework.

Side note, yesterday my Sunday School Class didn’t go too bad. Well, I didn’t manage to get fired from doing the second half of the class next week.


One response to “More Outvasion

  1. Uh oh! Better check your phone bill for calls to Pennsylvania. Fuzzy Butt and Molly might have been talking to each other.

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