Are you looking for me???

Today I decided to take a peek at my stats and I have a few comments/questions …

 Here are some search terms that were used to find my blog.

 Minivan lane – I’ll buy that, that makes sense

200 dogs rescued in dekalb IL – I wrote about that rescue, but why is dekalb in lower case and IL in uppercase?? 

who wanna go for a drink who wanna learn some grammar?  

But the best search term of the week

androgyny tests acts as a leader and what are you looking for exactly?

And then there’s that old famous search term

david heyman jewish harry potter

Hey all y’all stop in the comment section and say HI.


3 responses to “Are you looking for me???

  1. I know exactly where to find you. Frankly, I’d like to read a little more “you” and fewer excerpts from articles. Hmm?

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