What was I thinking???

I semi-regularly attend an adult Sunday School class.  Once a year we sent out a request for ideas for topics and teachers, and this is followed by a meeting to figure out what topics we want to cover during a year, who is going to teach what (sometimes we have people from our class, sometimes other people in the church or the community or the greater metro area), and what the schedule will be. 

So, one day I was sitting at my computer reading my email (with the aforementioned request for topics) while Oprah was on the TV (why I had the TV on I don’t know — it’s not typically on) and Bill Clinton was hawking his latest publishing effort …


So, I suggested it as a topic. 

Shortly thereafter we had the meeting to set the topics and schedules and I showed up. 

Now, I guess I should have realized that the two things — suggesting a topic along with showing up at the meeting — actually led to a third, and that was being drafted volunteering to lead the class.  And, since November is stewardship month, the class was scheduled for November. 

Now, traditionally the annual “set the schedule” meeting is followed by an ice cream social, however the current president of our class forgot to made this arrangement, so we didn’t even get ice cream. 

Anyway, back in September, November seemed so far away. 

Now I feel woefully unprepared to lead this class tomorrow, I tried to find someone that is well versed in the book to come teach the class, however President Clinton has not returned my calls. 

Oh well – I guess that means that I outta go read that darn book now, yathink??

Lessons learned:

  1. don’t watch TV
  2. don’t make suggestions
  3. don’t go to the meeting
  4. or at least tell the fearless leader to remember the dang ice cream.

3 responses to “What was I thinking???

  1. You’re better than me…..I try to avoid church during the Stewardship campaign 🙂

  2. Let us know if you like the book.

  3. To tell you the truth, we NEVER picked up dog poop until we moved to this community. We used to have a nice big, woodsy, fenced in yard at our last house. We’d just open the door, let the dogs out, and they’d go up in the woodsy part to poop. We rarely ever SAW their poop, let alone picked it up.

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