Is there such a thing as too much chocolate??

I’m thinking maybe not …

 Anyway, Halloween is a holiday that, as my friend reminds me, we Americans have twisted totally from the original intent.  Tough noogies I say, people give me CHOCOLATE. 

Yesterday the kids went to school where they do, in fact, have a Halloween Partythey hold a fall something event every year, where all the kids dress in costume and parade around the school, and many of the parents (and a group of “guests” from the senior center) come and watch the little darlings.  After school, my children came home and I made them do homework.  Eventually we all got dressed and did the traditional “go beg for food at the neighbor’s.” 

Now, Halloween has always left me feeling sort of spend and tired, I’m not sure why that is.  And down the street there’s a family (actually a semi retired couple with grown kids) that throws the biggest bash on Halloween.  I used to always feel like “I’m done for the day, let me sit here in quiet” but the past few years I finally figured out the trick.  Instead of sitting home feeling tired, I need to go to Paddy and Greenthumbs house, let them feed me, have a couple of drinks, and let the kids have a grand time.  And the kids DO have a grand time.  Last night there were around 20(?) or so kids ranging from 10 months to 16, eat pizza and have fun, and then we kick them out of the house.  Actually it’s a scavenger hunt, where the kids go through the neighborhood looking for whatever list of things Greenthumb can dream up.  Here’s some of the items I recall from over the years

  1. toilet paper
  2. kleenex (not used)
  3. ice cube (not in any container)
  4. $0.39 cent stamp (that’s from this year)
  5. bread
  6. empty paper towel roll
  7. cotton ball

But one item that is always on the hunt is a neighbor.  Of course, once a member of your family has attended the party as a neighbor, then your entire family is invited to the party in perpetuity.  After the scavenger hunt, Greenthumb hands out prizes of dress up stuff (silly noses or such) and noisemakers, then the children are led through the neighborhood (it’s only about 8:30 at this time) happily tooting the noisemakers. 

Now I know why I go to this party — so I don’t have to answer the door when the scavengers come, and so I can be IN the parade instead of listening to it.  “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” 

And, in case you’ve been asking yourself “self, what would happen if Zombies ever attacked the Panda reservation


2 responses to “Is there such a thing as too much chocolate??

  1. Love the zombie panda! Too cute!

  2. Too much chocolate would be found in the flourless chocolate cake made by Tony’s Off Third here in my town. One bite and you go into insulin shock. Love your neighborhood’s Halloween tradition. Wish we had that here.

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