An “Alexander” Day

Today, I went on a field trip with Princess and her fellow first graders to see a play based on the book … 

Now, for those of you that do not now (or have not recently) have 6 year olds in your house, Alexander is a young boy that has a bad day — he wakes up with gum in his hair, trips over his skateboard, and drops his sweater in the sink — and this all before he even brushes his teeth.  The day ends with lima beans and (even worse) kissing on TV, with all sorts of other disasters in between, and he wants to move to Australia.  His mom does let him know that all people have Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad days, even in Australia.  After having read this book to Chip, I have often referred to bad days as “Alexander Days,” and know the desire to move to Australia. 

So, after getting back to school, I made a run to Target (where I didn’t find a number of things), and went to grab some lunch.  When I turned off my car at Target and later at Al’s Beef the car did something that made me think there was some kind of problem somewhere in the electrical system (it also did the same thing on Saturday).  I had called and sent text messages to both Spouse and Crem, and then when I was driving home (where I was going to do some Internet research to try to figure out what MIGHT be the problem with my car) suddenly my car lurched and all the warning lights flashed for a moment.  At that time the direction my car was heading suddenly (and very intentionally) changed from “home” to “dealer” where my car now sits.  That was 3 hours ago, and I’m really glad I didn’t wait at the dealer for the “hour” that it would take to find out what the problem with my car was.  Now, 3 hours later I discover that the battery was shot but the alternator tested out well so HOPEFULLY that will fix the problem. 

Now, if I knew then what I know now (I always get Die Hard batteries for the vehicle) I’d just have driven straight to Sears to get a new battery — but when the car jerks and acts like it might die in the middle of the street, I take that as a repair emergency and go to the dealer. 

I wonder what else will happen today??  Is it time to move to Australia??


2 responses to “An “Alexander” Day

  1. Our cars were in sync on this day. I’d had my car at the dealer the day before fixing a window motor. The dealer warned me that my battery was low, but they could not install one in a short time. The following morning, my car barely started. I got the kids to school, where my car died in the parking lot. The security guard jumped my car, and I drove straight to the mechanic for a new (Interstate) battery.

    Speaking of “Alexander” days, my SIL is the chair of a festival of arts, books, and culture in Cherry Hill, NJ. Judith Viorst is her all-time favorite author, and Ms. V will be appearing at that festival.

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