Missing Chip

Last week and this week we had parent/teacher conferences at school.  Last week we met with Princess’ classroom teacher and her reading teacher, we also met with Chip’s classroom teacher and his honors math teacher.  Now that Chip is in the 5th grade, I’ve gotten rather used to his teachers telling me what a wonderful charming brilliant child he is, and I’m no longer tempted to do a DNA test when I get home to find out if he actually is my kid or if someone snuck in a clone (which actually would still have the same DNA if it was a clone so what good would that do).  I’ve even allowed myself to be convinced that I must be doing something right if my children are well behaved and with the program at school I mean, seriously if they’re going to be angelic someplace, I’d really rather it be in public.   For 6 years we’ve been hearing the same things about Chip: bright, well organized, well behaved, but doesn’t participate in class.  We know he knows the stuff, he’s just too shy to share.  Well, yesterday I was about to order up the DNA kit again.  We met with Chip’s PI teacher (sort of an honors literacy thing).  When she was telling us all the usual wonderful things about my child (did I mention that we live in Lake Wobegon, where all of the children are “above average”), when she mentioned that, during the discussion of one particular book, MY son, my boy child  was constantlyin the center of classroom discussion. So two messages I’d like to put out in the cosmos. To William Pene du Bois “Thank you thank you, I gravel at your feet” (even though he’s been dead 14 years) and to Chip’s PI teacher




One response to “Missing Chip

  1. I teach and I’m telling you with kids, it can change in an INSTANT. Shy yesterday. Leader today. It’s never boring. Be proud of your boy.

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