My tax dollars at work

For various reasons Spouse and I decided not to homeschool our kids.  A big part of this is that we have vastly different theories of schooling. 

However, after today I might need to revisit that bit of wisdom.  First, there is this article from New York Magazine about lack of sleep for kids. And as I figure the school is not going to set back start time anytime soon, if I kept my kids home they (and I) could sleep later.

But the thing that really had me wondering was what Princess learned in school today.

Girls go to college get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter get more stupider.”

For THIS I get a huge taxbill??  Not only is it bad grammar, it’s a downright rude thing to say.

Of course, it took me a good 5 minutes to be able to tell her that it was impolite. Anytime sooner than that if I’d open my mouth the laughter would have been audible.


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