My world — and yours

In honor of Blog Action Day I’m blogging about the environment, and since it was announced Friday that Al Gore and the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change won the Nobel Peace Prize, I figure it’s a timely topic. 

Now, I’ve grown rather fond of Planet Earth.  I’ve lived here all my life and have no plans to move in the near future, as really, there’s no place to move to.  So I’m hoping that this will continue to be a good place for me, and my children, and my children’s children to live. 

When I look at the environment as a global issue (which DUH is what it is) I feel rather overwhelmed.  I have no control over emissions in China.  Heck I don’t feel as though I have any control over emissions in my burb.  It seems totally out of my control.  But then I look around here in the Minivan Lane and realize, that while I can’t do a whole lot on a global level, or even in the US or my state, there are things that I can do at home, and perhaps, just perhaps if I type in some of the things that *I* do around here, I might give someone an idea on what THEY can do at their (oops — almost mispelled that one, and after getting an “A” on the there, their, they’re quiz) house (and thus reduce the carbon footprint of my blogging, using power on my computer and lights and making all y’all read this). 

So, this is what we attempt to do (and sometimes succeed at doing) here at Chez Ramblingmom.

  1. Reuse grocery bags.  I find it rather cool that recently I had to actually and consciously GET paper grocery bags at Trader Joe’s, because we were out of paperbags to use to recycle our newspapers.
  2.  I’ve switched my washing machine to cold water.  Unless I’m washing something that I *STRONGLY* feel needs *HOT* water, I use cold. 
  3. CFL Bulbs, they’re cheaper and they last longer.  NOW for those that are using CFL bulbs and wonder “what do I do when they burn out” if you live near an Ikea HEY they recycle those (and batteries). 
  4. Insulated our hot water pipes (okay – part of that was also to help the dishwasher clean better but hey — if it reduces our carbon footprint all the better I say).
  5. Recycle (and make the family recycle).  But I really wish the schools put out less paper.
  6. Carpool whenever possible.  I’m always the one calling the neighbors and saying “HEY you want me to pick up Junior from ….. as long as I’m going that way” Sometimes this means Spouse and I take one car when we go places.
  7. Check my tires.  OKAY OKAY — *I* do not check my tires, the place that I bought my tires has a free 3 minute pressure check.  Whenever I’m driving down that street I pop in. 

All little things. But if each little thing makes a little difference, how much difference do all the little things put together make?

What do you do??


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