I can’t complain

Well, I can complain, but then I’d have to move my bracelet.  For whatever reason, someone at my church had the brilliant idea to order a bunch of bracelets from A Complaint Free World.org.  The following quote is from their (not “there” or “they’re”) website …

Your thoughts create your world and your words indicate your thoughts. When you eliminate complaining from your life will you enjoy happier relationships, better health and greater prosperity. This simple program helps you set a trap for your own negativity and redirect your mind towards a more positive and rewarding life.

So, in order to break yourself of the habit of complaining, you wear this bracelet and every time you complain you move the bracelet to the other wrist. You become more aware of your words, and it can help you cease complaining.

It (in a way) makes sense. Because really complaining can’t be very productive. If I have something that bugs me I can either do something about it, or learn to accept it.

The ultimate goal is to go 21 days without complaining.

Again, from the website …

How long should it take for me to become complaint free?
The average person who really gives this their best effort usually takes 4-10 months to go 21 consecutive days without complaining. This is not easy, but it’s worth it!

4-10 months. Call it a hunch, but I think RM is going to be closer to 10 months than to 4 months.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned, and if you hear me complain you can tell me to move my bracelet.  (I have a feeling that now Crem is going to put a preset message on his cellphone that says “RM, change your bracelet“).  OH, and for your information, I did pick up a couple of extra bracelets, cause I think I’m going to wear through one or two by changing them so much. 

I’m just saying.


3 responses to “I can’t complain

  1. If I have something that bugs me I can either do something about it, or learn to accept it.

    But sometimes doing something about it is hard work, and in the middle of the hard work you need to take a break and just b*tch…

  2. Hah! I was going to blog about a topic like this – it was in the Oprah magazine last month. Maybe I still will. I like the idea of something concrete to touch when the temptation is great.

  3. Rachel “in the middle of the hard work you need to take a break and just b*tch.”

    Actually, that’s not true.
    No one NEEDS to complain.
    Many people believe that complaining brings some benefit, that taking a break to b*tch brings about some positive result.

    Does the complaining actually make you feel better? Probably not.
    What DOES make you feel better is the act of talking through it and forming your thoughts and ideas around a situation, because what makes us feel bad about a situation isn’t the issue itself but what we stand to lose, what we fear the outcome will be, how we feel we don’t have control over how it will affect us.
    By talking through it, we can start to feel like we have some control over the situation and can help affect a positive outcome.
    Can’t we undergo that process without the “b*tch” factor?

    But I just complained about Rachel’s post, so I’d better move my bracelet and start over 🙂

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