Time is relative

One blog I’ve read at times is The Great Mate Debate, each week an insightful question is asked, and is then answered by a panel of “relationship experts.”  I stopped reading the blog regularly when Dan Savagestopped being one of the relationship experts (I love his unique point of view on things).  But it still shows up in my Google Reader so sometimes I pop over and have a look.  This week’s question was ….

Is there anything wrong with a person in a committed relationship having a crush on someone else…as long as it isn’t acted upon? Can it even benefit a relationship?

So I started thinking about this in my own mind (admittedly a scary place to enter at times).  And I asked myself, “Self,” I said “How long does a crush really last?” and I thought of posting this question to my readers (all 5 of you).  I recall a few crushes that seemed as though they would last forever while I was having them, but often when something is happening in life it seems like it will last forever (ask any mom — the diaper stage really does seem to last forever — or the waking up to feed children at night stage, or fill in the blank). 

Then I remembered something that started about 5 minutes after I walked through the doors into high school that ended a few months after I graduated from high school.  For almost 4 years no matter what I was doing or who I was dating I had an undeniable crush on one particular fellow. 

And it all ended shortly after the first (and last) time he kissed me. 

I figure, next time I get a crush I’ll just head straight for the kiss, it’ll save a lot of time.


One response to “Time is relative

  1. I’ve had crushes last for decades. But (DH excepted, of course) only for people I haven’t kissed…

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