And then there’s the stuff you have no use for ……

One of our neighbors is doing an addition.  Whenever the construction folks come, the dumpsters end up in the driveways.  Chip came home from school and was excited and asked me if he could go to the neighbors and throw away some books.  Now, if there’s a project to be done, and one of my children is willing to help, I don’t care how much it’s like Tom Sawyer and the fence, put ’em to workI say.  But I got to thinking and I was wondering what kind of books the neighbor was throwing away.  I’m all for reduce, reuse, recycle and donating things to the library or putting things out for freecycle or giving things to Goodwill or one of the other various charities that comes to my house and makes things GO AWAY.  Yet, why was neighbor not finding a way to reuse these “books” that I heard tell about.  So I wandered over to see what the deal was and now I understand.

I mean, really, is there any possible need for a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica??  Okay maybe there is, but with a publication date of 1954.  I’m thinking a thing or three in there is out of date.  (I’m not positive of this, but I do believe the books are older than anyone living in the house). 


One response to “And then there’s the stuff you have no use for ……

  1. You wouldn’t believe the trouble my mother had convincing my father it was okay to give away a 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica…

    Though there was some historical interest in to it… sometimes in an appalling sort of way. I’m sure I’m much more tolerant of political correctness having read the 1911 EB article on “Hinduism.”

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