The Giving/Getting Stuff Meme

For the first five people who reply to me and re-post this challenge, I will send you something. It might be something I’ve made just for you, or something cool from my collection, it might be a mix CD or a book I think you will enjoy, a graphic or something else that I think you might like. Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or less or you are allowed to beat me with a wet noodle.

My variation? I’m not asking anyone for stuff – my house is nigh until overflowing thanks to my children and the people who love them (not to mention that one okay okay bothof their parents tends toward hoarding) 

UPDATED: Seems a friend of mine managed to comment *3* count em *3* times.  So that means she gets 3 things BUT 4 other people can still comment (me, I got too much junque — gotta get rid of it)


3 responses to “FREE STUFF!!!!

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  2. I’m #1! I’m #1! That means I get the best stuff right? (I like chocolate. And winning lottery tickets. Just so you know.)
    Here’s my link:

  3. Crap. I was second to my own trackback. Now I’m third too! So does that mean I get THREE presents?

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