To my friends, the augustmoms (and KT)

For the augustmoms that are going to San Antonio (or anywhere else without your family).  I was thinking all I had to do was to make a tape to run while I’m gone to play a few key phrases and my family would never miss me.  You know the ones “does this belong on the kitchen table?” “shoes” “I don’t care who started it.”  If you feel as though your family can’t manage without you, all you have to do is have this play this a few times while you’re gone.  It might not have all my exact key phrases, but it comes close enough.  Saves me a heck of a lot of time, I tell you.

 William Tell Overture for Moms

(If I’ve said it once I’ve said at least a thousand times before that you’re too old to act this way it must be your father’s DNA)

KT, you said you needed a laugh, here it is.  I know your oldest is only 2 — but if you haven’t said it yet, you will my dearie, you will.


One response to “To my friends, the augustmoms (and KT)

  1. I think I’ve said at least half those things already today! Of course there weren’t nearly enough “Don’t touch that’s!” or “Please be quiet, your sister is sleeping’s!” in there for me.

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