DVR list meme

Add It To The List asks the question What is on your DVR list? 

 Okay – here’s the entire list ………….

WHEW — hope reading that didn’t tire you out too much cheeky-smiley-028.gif

First, I don’t watch from the regular TV line up.  I’ve mentioned this before on my blog but I sort of managed to force myself out of the habit.  Last night Spouse mentioned an interesting show and I even said that if I don’t know what’s going on, I won’t know what I’m missing. 

“Back in the day” I used to faithfully watch All My Children.  While watching this, I would see commercials for new shows and get hooked in.  Now that I’ve stopped watching, I don’t know what’s coming and I don’t get hooked in.  And guess what — those housewives are still desparate, and those folks are still stuck on that island.  It seems that (I’m sure to the joy of the producers and advertisers) those folks will be “Lost” longer than Gilligan and company, and we all know how incredibly long Gilligan and crowd were lost for.  Seemed interminable. 

Now, as for reason number 2 that I don’t have a DVR list….

I don’t have a DVR.  This fact was brought to light when we recently lost some electronics in a lightening strike.  We lost one of our VCRs, and I went to look up a replacement value.  I canNOT find a decent VCR.  I can find some really cheap low quality VCRs, but if I want to replace my VCR with something similar, I’ll need to get a DVR.  And I’ll probably do that because even though I have found the light and escaped from TV addiction, there are still four people in this house that need to watch shows ranging from Spongebob to keeping track of those poor lost folks. 

 HOWEVER, I do encourage others to follow through and answer Add It To The Lists question — because it’s interesting to see what people that I know are watching similar things (OH both so and so and so and so watch Desparate Boston CSI Housewives Legally Lost) and because Add It To The List is new to the blogworld, so let’s welcome her on board by making her read LOTS of stuff.


2 responses to “DVR list meme

  1. We have one thing in common . . . we both used to watch All My Children. Now all I see of that show is on the cover of Soap Opera Digest at the check-out line in the grocery store. Meanwhile, I was glad to find that my DVR habit did not rise to an addiction. I did not suffer any withdrawls this summer when there were no new shows to “tape”. I found plenty to do with my time!

  2. Thanks for giving Calvin some screen time. She really appreciates it. I, too, have no DVR. I do have DVD recorder that’s also a VCR. BTW, love the photo of Fuzzybutt.

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