usenet meme

If you were around “back in the day”, go to and find your oldest usenet post.  Back in 1989, someone was asking about song lyrics… I’m SURE there are some older than this. I mean I started workign at uiuc in 1985 and I know I wasted time did research before 1989

 Jun 12 1989, 4:04 pm

Newsgroups: soc.culture.celtic
From: m…
Date: 12 Jun 89 21:04:00 GMT
Subject: Re: Need help with song lyrics

MARES eat oats and DOES eat oats
and little lambs eat ivys.

(sounds like marsey doats and dosey doats)


And so it goes

Mxxx Axxxxxx UUCP uunet!uiucuxc!uicsl!mxxx
  (currently owned DOMAIN mxxx%ui…
  by two cats) ARPA mxxx%ui…

The first time I ran the search I found something not quite as old, but MUCH more amusing, it would probably make more sense in context (context? from 17 years ago?) but it’s very entertaining out of context.



Date: 10 Oct 90 15:10:00 GMT

Subject: Various AMC stuff


First of all I’ll let you know my 7 favorite tv shows, besides AMC.

Quantum Leap
Blake’s 7
Dr. Who
All Creatures Great & Small
LA Law
ST:TNG (add me to your list too, Lance)

Okay so it’s 8 — tough. Anyway, those are the shows that I make sure I
record every week. PLUS Blake’s 7 and Dr. Who can count actually count as
one because my PBS station will be at the end of Blake’s 7 soon and will be
starting Dr. Who the following week.

While Lxxxx has been keeping track of the people who watch ST:TNG and AMC,
I’ve been noticing that we seem to have a few leapers. So far I’ve got

s… (Jxxxx ?)
pats… (Pxx Mxxxxx Sxxxxxx)
v101p… (Mxxxxxxx L. Zxxxxx)
luc… (Lxxxx ?)
kar… (Kxxxx Cxxxxx)
m… (Mxxx Axxxxxx)

Any others???

I’VE GOT IT. In the next episode of Quantum Leap, Scott Bakula leaps back
to the 1980’s. It seems as though there is an actress named Susan Lucci who
has never won an Emmy. Ziggy says there’s an 80.63% probability that he’s
here to see that she wins. Of course, Sam will leap into Jackson
Montgomery (in a tank top). That way he’ll look good in OR out of the


It’s a Wonderful Life
The Quiet Man
Just about any animated Disney movie


I think I’ve finally figured out what the attraction is. First, it’s
obviously not your looks because nobody’s ever seen you. Second, no matter
how much people insist it’s your sense of humor they are lying to you. I
KNOW why all these women like you.

Let us first assume that most of the women that write to this notesfile have
sedentary jobs. Do you know what that means? That means that they probably
don’t get quite enough exercise (because they spend ALL day sitting). The
thing that happens to a woman’s body in this instance is called secretarial
spread. That’s right Lxxxx, all of the women on the net have BIG BUTTS 🙂 🙂
They’re just very happy to find someone that appreciates well endowed
derrieres. AND if you go to the get together — you’ll be in a room FULL of
well rounded women.

(How many smilies do I need to put here???)


Square Dancers do it in groups of 8.
(In all positions)

Mxxx Axxxxxx m…
  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  (currently owned by two cats)


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